Corporate Parties in New Jersey

Corporate Parties in New Jersey

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Business meetings are often ungodly boring affairs where instead of exchanging ideas and information the participants can’t wait to for it to be over. Often the best way to capture and hold the attention of both colleagues and clients is to take those meetings out of the office and bring them someplace that will make them special. Whether the events are serious business meeting or corporate parties in New Jersey Space is the perfect place to hold it.

Space is an all-inclusive event venue where individuals, organizations and corporations can hold whatever type of event meets their needs from large scale events such as corporate parties in New Jersey, shareholders meetings or employee meetings to more intimate events like management meetings, working groups or press parties. Space is available for a majority of other functions and our venue can accommodate up to 400 guests. At Space every meeting is turnkey, we do all the planning, set up and can provide all the chairs, tables, podiums and sound and lighting equipment that your meeting needs. You just bring the speakers and the handouts and we’ll do the rest. Since a hungry mind is a wandering mind at Space you don’t have to worry about feeding your guests from continental breakfast to full course sit down dining our full-service catering can elegantly do it all.

Your event at Space can be so much more than just another business meeting, We are the headquarters of memorable corporate parties in New Jersey. Whether you event needs a DJ, band, dancers, light show or any other form of entertainment our event counselors can provide whatever spark it takes to ignite your affair. Whenever you have a corporate event to put on call our office for the finest Space for your party in New Jersey.

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